Curriculum - Pearson Primary School

The Pearson Primary School Curriculum

Our Mission Statement:

Pearson Primary School is a community that nurtures and supports every child; that values everyone’s unique worth and contribution; that empowers every member to achieve their fullest potential; that opens up a world of opportunities.

It is a place of safety where firm boundaries guide and support: where high expectations lead to lifelong learning; where care and respect build self-esteem and self-belief.

It is a gateway to limitless possibilities; to soaring aspirations; to brighter futures.

Our key drivers


We have identified three key drivers that shape our curriculum; ensuring that it is relevant and responsive to our children’s unique context and needs. These are;

  • community
  • language
  • possibilities

When defining the content of our curriculum and establishing the sequence of learning, our key drivers shape both the content and the delivery. 





‘Our differences are our strength as a species and as a world community’

Nelson Mandela


  • As members of a community we will:

Work restoratively 

Strengthen our cultural identity and our acceptance and understanding of difference

Develop a strong sense of pride and belonging

Act compassionately and contribute beyond us and our school





 ‘Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about’

Benjamin Lee Whorf


  • As learners of language we will:

Share stories and learning from text in all areas of the curriculum

Develop a wider vocabulary and apply words in different contexts

Communicate effectively, though the spoken and written word, and through technology





‘When you focus on possibilities you have more opportunities’

Zig Ziglar


  • As explorers of possibilities we will:

Extend our lived experiences and broaden our horizons

Develop courage to embrace unfamiliar experiences

Seek to identify possibilities from our lived experiences 

Raise aspirations for our futures and career opportunities

Our Curriculum in Pictures!

Learning: Art work - pastel landscapes of Bempton Cliffs, inspired by David Hockney

Learning: Hunting for mini beasts around the school to identify in Science

Learning: Exploring how things move.

Learning: Developing their fine motor skills in fun ways.

Learning: Here are the children in Class 5 testing air resistance. The children made their own parachutes out of a range of materials. The aim was to keep a water balloon safe from popping

Learning: We used the painting Harlequin by Picasso as inspiration for our own cubism pieces.

Learning: Animal Dance Moves!

Learning: We had fun making rockets during science week!

Learning: They explored how sound can be changed with the musical instruments and made their own rhythms.

Learning: Children in Foundation Stage developing their numeracy skills.

Learning: In Art the children were inspired by Kandinsky and also enjoyed using mixed media

Learning: We’re recreating patterns, shapes and layers used by David Hockney to create distance and textures.

Learning: We looked at different examples of work by Matisse. We discovered he didn’t draw the shapes first so he would start by cutting or tearing paper. We did this to do our own work inspired by Matisse.

Learning: Computing using the beebots! We wrote our own algorithm.

Learning: In pairs, the children researched different states for our topic: America. The children then used this information to create powerpoints.

Learning: Working collaboratively in groups, the children had to use their reasoning and problem solving skill to work out maths problems.