Curriculum - Pearson Primary School

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum in Pictures!

Learning: We used the painting Harlequin by Picasso as inspiration for our own cubism pieces.

Learning: Animal Dance Moves!

Learning: We had fun making rockets during science week!

Learning: They explored how sound can be changed with the musical instruments and made their own rhythms.

Learning: Children in Foundation Stage developing their numeracy skills.

Learning: In Art the children were inspired by Kandinsky and also enjoyed using mixed media

Learning: We’re recreating patterns, shapes and layers used by David Hockney to create distance and textures.

Learning: We looked at different examples of work by Matisse. We discovered he didn’t draw the shapes first so he would start by cutting or tearing paper. We did this to do our own work inspired by Matisse.

Learning: Computing using the beebots! We wrote our own algorithm.

Learning: In pairs, the children researched different states for our topic: America. The children then used this information to create powerpoints.

Learning: Working collaboratively in groups, the children had to use their reasoning and problem solving skill to work out maths problems.